SIP with Advanced Lectures on Economic Survey and Budget

  •  Jan. 24, 2019, midnight to Jan. 1, 2021, midnight

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The program has 4 components. Scroll down to read. We are announcing the program early to focus on previous year current affairs. At least 10-12 questions are coming from previous year news that have not been mentioned in the current year. We want students to dedicate some time to covering these as well. 


Dear Students,

Last minute revision is the key to cracking the exam. If you don't spend ample time revising topics, you will find it hard to recall what you have studied.

We are excited to announce our Crash Course program for Prelims - Super Intensive Prelims(SIP)

The program is designed for extensive coverage and the right amount of depth as per the requirement of the prelims exam to help you with maximum retention and ensure a better performance in Prelims.

Here's what we are offering.

The program is divided into 4 components

1. Current Affairs Previous Years - (Prerecorded June 2016-May 2018)- 40 hours

2. Current Affairs - 40 hours

3. Budget + Eco Survey - 15 hours

4. Static Lectures - 60 hours

Total - Over 150 Hours of lectures


1. Current Affairs(pre-recorded lectures for June 2016-May 2018)- 40 hours

It is very clear that many questions being asked in Prelims were in news in the previous year and not the current. This has been the trend from the last 3-4 prelims papers. Now, covering previous year news is very tricky specially for 1st attempters who have will have a tough time following the context. 

We want to ensure that students get good coverage in the least possible time so the cost-benefit ratio for studying older news is positive.

Hence we have decided to make available videos + notes for last year's SIP.

The coverage will be from 2016-2018 and the videos will be over 40 hours.

We have kept the month of February to cover this portion.

They can quickly go through these lecture at 2x speed. This will ensure a more extended coverage.


2. Current Affairs 

We will cover it in 2 phases

1st phase - Till December 2018

2nd phase - After December 2018


Prelims Specific Trivia

What, When, Where, Why, How.

Similar question asked in last 4-5 years

Subjects covered will be -




4.International Relations - Terms in news, Places in news, Trade Routes, Choke Points, Conflict Zones, Ethnic groups in news

5.Environment - Environmental terms in news, maps for all reserves, marine protected areas, wetlands.

6.Sc & Tech

7.International Organizations(covered in ppt format)

8.Schemes (covered in ppt format)


3. Eco Survey and Budget

Scroll Down to read about the importance of Budget and Economic Survey.

-Correlate Economic Survey and Budget observations and recommendations with the UPSC syllabus. For example, last year Economic survey has observed that Indian families have a preference for a Male child. Now, this chapter could be important for three topics of GS paper 1 - Society, Population and related studies and Women and women Organization.

-Special focus on important terms used in the survey like PARA, Chakruvyuh challenge, reverse helicopter etc. This year the economic survey has used a term called stigmatized capitalism. Idea is to explain the complex terms with the help of more relatable real-life examples.

-De-jargonize the documents. Making it easy for students to read the bulky document and precisely point out the important points.

–Short and crisp Summary of Budget and Economic Survey

–Handout of 20 probable mains questions with model answers

4. Static Lectures

The Advanced Lecture series has been well appreciated by students last year and this year. Hence, we are including them in SIP as well.

Static Lectures focusing on strengthening your Core Subjects.
Lecture on static subjects will *not* focus on explaining you the basics but instead focus on important details/trivia you tend to miss.

From a prelims perspective, these important details become very important.


Note - Complete lectures will not be re-recorded. With re-recording there is always a risk of skipping important information. We will upgrade the previously recorded lectures with information we believe is important. The upgrades will ensure that this year's lectures one step above the last years and wider in coverage.


Importance of Budget and Economic Survey

Economic Survey and Budget are the 2 most important documents that you will go through in your exam preparation.

  • Economic Survey discusses all the major government initiatives with the explanation.
  • If we go by the trend, every year around 15 questions in prelims and 7-8 questions in mains are directly related to the Economic Survey and Budget.
  • Questions in prelims paper stress on important phrases, key analysis, and technical terms. Hence they have to be thoroughly studied.
  • Almost mandatory to imbibe actual phrases used in Economic Survey to frame answers for Main Examination. for example, if a Question is asked on Banking sector problems in the mains exam, you can always quote the 4R recommendations of the 2016th economic survey.
  • Adding the important and relevant facts and figures significantly enhance your marks in General Studies Paper-III.
  • Deep knowledge of the current policies and programs of the government also help an aspirant to write meaningful Essays in UPSC Civil Services Main Examination. For example, “Twin balance sheet problem”, “translating potential into actuality” “Chakravuyh challenge” etc.
  • Many statistics and schemes are asked in CAPF, State psc, bank and SSC exams.



V.P. Singh, IRPS 2009

Himanshu Arora, Economist, Prime Minister Economic Advisory Council

Sajal Singh, MS & MA Economics, Core faculty, Civilsdaily

Rakesh Dalal, MBA, MA, Core faculty, Civilsdaily