SIP Mini 2018

  •  April 1, 2018, midnight to May 31, 2018, midnight
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Super Intensive Prelims (SIP): Everything that is important nothing that is not

Last minute revision is the key to cracking the exam. We've been preparing for months to finalize the right format which will deal with topics in the right amount of depth as per the requirement of the exam and helps you with maximum retention

Key features:

1. Samanvaya (Mentorship): 

CD has earned a reputation for giving personalized attention to students and helping them actualize their true potential. While other institutes are bombarding you with more and more questions, we are more concerned about teaching you the right things and helping you retain more and retain better

- Private Telegram Group: All your queries solved within 24 hours
- 1 on 1 calls: Sessions basis merit of participation within the group

2. Samachar Manthan for Pre (Lectures on current affairs):  

- Covering 3 years of CA: Over 40 hours of videos + intensive notes on all subject: 
- International Organizations will be covered in Blackboard format - Watch Sample videos here: Click2watch
- Conceptual Subjects will be covered in lecture format
- Systematic Notes will be provided in pdf format - Read sample notes here: Click2Read

3. Systematic Core Build-up (Lectures on static subjects): 

Lecture on static subjects would not focus on explaining you the concept per se but on important trivial details you tend to miss while reading the book. Generally in prelims the questions are asked from these trivial areas. Thus in our lectures we will highlight these trivial very important details/facts which cannot be missed at any cost. We will cover all the basic and advanced books for explaining these issues

All the documents of SIP Mini 2018

Arts and culture compilation_SIP Program 2018

Important Personalities associated with Our Freedom struggle

Video link_Polity CA- Constitutional issues, Parliament related_SIP Program 2018

Video link_Economics Static- Banking sector_SIP Program 2018

International Organizations Current Affairs_SIP program 2018

Video link_Environment CA- Part 6 & 7_SIP Program 2018

Video link_Economics Static- Public Finance_SIP Program 2018

Video link_Arts & Culture- Trend Analysis_SIP Program 2018

Video link_Environment CA Part 4 & 5_SIP Program 2018

Video link_Polity CA- Judiciary, Constitutional bodies & Election related issues

Polity CA Material_SIP 2018

Video link_Economics Static- External Sector_SIP Program 2018

Video link_Economics Static- Financial Markets_SIP Program 2018

Video link_Environment CA- Part 2 & 3_SIP Program 2018

Video link_Economics Static- Inflation, Monetary Policy_SIP Program 2018

Video link_History- Important Commissions, Educational Development & Satyagrahas_SIP Program 2018

Video link_Economics Static- Growth & Development, Planning_SIP Program 2018

Video link_Environment CA- Part 1_SIP Program 2018

Indian Geography Notes_SIP Program 2018

Video links_Geography- Natural vegetation + Soil, irrigation and agriculture

Video link_Economics CA- Infrastructure & Economy related_SIP Program 2018

Video link_History- Constitutional development process in British India and Imp Gov Generals

Video link_Economics CA- Banking & Financial Sector_SIP Program 2018

Video link_Geography- Indian Drainage system_SIP Program 2018

Environment & Ecology CA notes_SIP program 2018

Video link_History- Indian National Movement (1935 to 1947)_SIP Program 2018

Environmental Organisations & Conventions_SIP program 2018

Video links_Geography- Indian physiography_SIP Program 2018

Video link_Economics CA- Public finance, Monetary policy development & Agriculture_SIP Program 2018

Video link_History- Gandhian Phase_SIP Program 2018

Video link_Geography- Indian mountains_SIP Program 2018

Video links_Geography- Indian Geography (Part 1 & 2)_SIP Program 2018

Video link_History- Revolutionary Extremism, Tribal & Peasant Movements_SIP Program 2018

Video link_International Organizations, Trade deals-SIP Program 2018

Video link_Economics Current Affairs- External Sector, Industry, Reports & Indexes_SIP Program 2018

Economics_CA Compilation_SIP Program 2018

Video link_Geography- Economic geography_SIP Program 2018

Video links_Geography- Biogeography_SIP Program 2018

Video links_History- 1857 revolt to Home Rule Movement_SIP Program 2018

Video link_Schemes- Marginalized sections, Science and technology and Miscellaneous_SIP Program 2018

Video links_Geography- Geomorphology_SIP Program 2018

Video link_History- Establishment of British rule, Land revenue system, Economic policies_SIP Program 2018

Video link_Polity Static (Part 8)- FR, Spcl provisions, Official language, Anti Defection law

Video link_Polity Static (Part 7)- Centre-State, Inter-state relations, Panchayati Raj & Municipal bodies

Video link_Schemes- Health & Education_SIP Program 2018

Video links_Geography-Atmosphere, Climatology, Air temperature, pressure, winds_SIP Program 2018

Video link_Polity (Static)- Part 6 Non Constitutional Bodies_SIP Program 2018

All Govt Schemes_Prelims 2018

Video link_Schemes- Rural development, MSME, Sports_SIP Program 2018

Video links_Science & Technology- Part 3 & 4_SIP Program 2018

Video link_Polity (Static)- Part 5 State Legislatures & Constitutional bodies_SIP Program 2018

Science and Technology Notes_SIP Program 2018

Video links_Science and tech_SIP Program 2018

Video link_Polity (Static)- Part 4_SIP Program 2018

Video links_Schemes- Roads and highways , urban development, Power and New and renewable energy_SIP Program 2018

Video links_Polity (Static)- Part 3_SIP Program 2018

Video links_Schemes- Agriculture, Animal Husbandry & Digital India_SIP program 2018

Economic Survey & Budget 2018 Video Links

Video links_Polity (Static)- Part 2_SIP Program 2018

Economic Survey 2018 Volume 2

Economic Survey 2018

Video links_Women and Child issues + Environmental Organizations + Conventions & Conferences_SIP Program 2018

Notes_Women and children issues_SIP 2018

Video links_Polity+Govt Schemes_SIP Program 2018

Notes_Education initiatives_SIP 2018

Notes_Health initiatives_SIP 2018

Video links_Education & Health initiatives_SIP Program 2018