Foundation 2020: Pre cum Mains Course for IAS 2020 [Batch 1, 2, 3, 4]

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Batch 3 Detailed Timetable and study plan here

Batch 2 Detailed Timetable and study plan here

Detailed Timetable can be obtained from here

Download Brochure: Foundation 2020 from Civilsdaily

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Say hello to the most scientific preparation pedagogy for your IAS Preparation. Civilsdaily has always been known to push boundaries in the field of learning innovations. We have stayed close to the ground and come up with nifty innovations in the form of Tikdams for Prelims, Samachar Manthan for Mains & Samanvaya for a 360° online mentorship. The Foundation 2020 is our most ambitious programme to date. It marks the culmination of our learnings across the 4+ year of our operations and introduces a hitherto unexplored but immensely important layer of abstraction: Identification of your Learning Personas.

Understanding your learning personas is an evolving process and we are upgrading our Samanvaya calls to ensure that our mentors adapt to your learning patterns and provide flexible yet comprehensive strategies. That said, the execution part of the Foundation 2020 course leaves nothing to chance. It takes care of 100% of your learning & assessment needs in a way that reinforces superior test-taking strategies for desired outcomes.


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We have prepared this brochure with immense care & love. Please download and go through it for all information regarding:    

  • What's different with Foundation 2020 & rest of the similar programs from other portals
  • Key constituents of Foundation 2020 & their details
  • Quick reference table for pricing
  • The journey of a Foundation 2020 course student (broad timetable and learning outcomes)


Think of Google Maps. As soon as you switch on the GPS, it locates your coordinates and charts out the most optimal path to your destination. Should you digress from the path, take a wrong turn or two, it quickly adapts and re-routes. You are guaranteed to reach your destination. Sooner or later.

When it comes to IAS Prep, things are way more complex. We are not dealing with mechanically operated vehicles but with sentient (& fickle) minds! Add to that, the destination (UPSC) is time-bound and has 3 unforgiving (& unpredictable) stages of assessment.

Join us on your journey to IAS 2020. We guarantee that we will make it the most rewarding experience of your life.

Download Brochure: Foundation 2020 from Civilsdaily

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Detailed Timetable can be obtained from here