[February Batch] Demystifying Economics- Core & Current Affairs Buildup Lecture Series

  •  Dec. 15, 2018, midnight to Dec. 31, 2019, midnight
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Importance of Economics for UPSC

Prelims exam

Year   Questions asked

2016   29                         
2017   29
2018   25

Thus on an average 1/4th of the prelims paper can be solved easily if you have good command in economics.

Mains exam

GS paper 3

Year    Total Marks

2017    125 Marks
2016    112.5 Marks
2015    125 Marks

In Essay Paper

1 topic Every year

Total Weightage in mains: 375 Marks

Objectives of this course

Economics is not only the most important subject in all 3 tiers of the exam (Prelims, Mains and interview) but also the most feared subject

Rather than understanding the concepts , many aspirants indulge in rot learning and mugging up the concepts but since Economics is not a theoretical subject like History this method does not actually work in the actual exam. The objective of this course is make Economics as a subject interesting, lucid, layman and enjoyable. 

After the end of the course economics will be on your fingertips and you will be able to apply that knowledge not just in UPSC exam but also in other subsidiary exams like State PSC, RBI Grade B, CAPF, SSC, Bank PO etc. 

The other focus of this course is to strengthen the basics and conceptual clarity of the student so that he can apply that knowledge in understanding the contemporary economic issues.

Is it relevant only for UPSC students?

This course is relevant for not just UPSC students but also for State PSC, RBI Grade B, SSC, Bank PO and other competitive exams

What will this course offer?

1. Static Lectures

100 hours of static Lectures covering NCERT’s, All advanced UPSC books like Mishra and Puri, Dutt and Sundaram, Paul Krugman, Mankiw etc

2. Lectures on contemporary issues both 2019 Mains specific and 2019 Prelims specific

35 - 40 Hours of lectures on Contemporary issues (From 2012 to 2018)

Sources: All important magazines and newspapers like Economist, EPW, Livemint, Business Standard, Economic times

3. Notes

Notes on both static and current part will be given

4. Tests

6 Prelims test of Economics (100 Questions each)

6 Mains test (10 Questions each)

5. Mentorship

-Telegram group where the students can ask any doubts with the faculty. The students can also call the faculty at defined time everyday.

6. Unlimited access

Unlimited access of videos during the validity of the course. Can access the course 24/7 as per your convenience.

7. Special Coverage of Budget and Economic Survey 2019

About the Faculty

Himanshu Arora

MPhil Economics (JNU)

Works at Prime Minister Economic Advisory Council (NITI Aayog)

-Writes regularly in famous Indian and international weekly’s like Millenium post and Huffington post.

-Worked as Assistant Professor in Delhi University

Sajal Singh

MSc Economics (Gokhale institute of politics and Economics)

MS Financial Economics Carleton University Canada

NET (JRF) Economics Qualified

Core Faculty @ Civilsdaily.com