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Essay Paper in UPSC can be tricky. It requires a mentor with both wide knowledge and a sense of what is expected by UPSC to score high marks.

Hence, we roped in Vipul Shrivastava Sir. He is serving as an IPS officer presently.

During his time, he had consistently scored the highest marks in Essay papers in consecutive attempts. He is extremely well read and his proximity to the government helps him identify key focus areas better than others.

He stays humble and down to earth always willing to help young aspirants achieve their dreams. We couldn't have asked for a better mentor than him.

The importance of essays for the exam cannot be underscored.

While the performance of students is more or less the same in GS papers (especially 1,2,3), they have an excellent shot at scoring over 150+ in essays which could spearhead them to the top

Practicing essays can also be the best way to consolidate what you've read so far and make good revision notes helping you for both prelims and mains GS papers as well

Writing good essays can be very challenging. Time and again we've received many queries from students like

1. Reviews provide additional points but don't address the inherent shortcomings and deficiency in my skills

2. Will reading ready-made sample essays help me prepare for essays?

3. Don't know how to start an essay, how to organize one.

4. Can we do well in essays without practicing by re-using our GS paper knowledge alone?

5. Is there a universal format that I can stick to?

That's why we've invested a great deal of energy to create a program the likes of which are offered by no one else

What are we offering and how is it unique?

We've innovated at every step of the process.

1. More precise topic selection 

Our research tells us there are 8 broad themes of essays being asked since 2010.

1. Economy 2. Polity 3. Women Issues 4. Education 5. Science & Tech 6. Philosophy 7. IR 8. Miscellaneous

We plan to develop your competencies in each of these themes so you are extremely well prepared for the exam

We will have 14 tests in total where you will get to write 28 essays. 8 tests before prelims and 6 tests after prelims. The 8 tests will be theme-wise. So you would've covered all the themes before prelims.

2. An innovative methodology for reviews  

Our biggest innovation lies in our review methodology.

Specific portions of your essay will be highlighted with symbols to indicate issues in essay writing

1. (X) Cross  - FUNDAMENTAL FLAWS like judgments/strong postures which need to be avoided at all costs.

2. (*)Star -APPRECIATION for uniqueness.

3. STRUCTURE is not maintained. Issues with Language and expression.

4. GENERAL SUGGESTIONS for candidates.

<along also="" leave <strong="" sir="" this,="" will="" with=""></along>

Along with this, Sir will leave Specific reviews on strengths and weaknesses

Other institutes suggest additional points which can be googled by the student himself or point out superficial flaws like not sticking to the topic. They don't necessarily highlight the shortcomings in the essay. This adds very little value to students. We go much beyond that and help students fix major flaws in their essays.

3. Sample Structure, video solutions and personalized attention. 

Sir will discuss the topic in considerable depth, appropriate structure, pitfalls to avoid, etc.

Along with that, Sir will also discuss copies presenting different styles in which the essays could be attempted

This component of the program is the most important.

Students have an incorrect impression that going through a sample essay will somehow help them write better essays. This is absolutely incorrect

While this strategy works for GS because there is a good chance of the question being repeated, with essays it is not true. You have to understand that the broader theme of the essay might be similar but the topics are always unique and require to be tackled differently.

To develop your competency in tackling different topics, you have to be able to come up with appropriate structures This aspect of the program addresses this issue

The expectation from you would be that you study the solutions in detail and try to address the shortcomings in your essays. Should doubts still persist, contact us and we will help get them resolved.

4. Good essay copies 

You will be provided with good essay copies to serve as sample answers. This is a better alternative than sample answers which are hastily written and at times not updated with the latest figures.

5. Improvement tracking excel

Your essays will be marked on the following parameters.

  1. Comprehension of the topic
  2. Language and Expression
  3. Structure and Organisation of thought.
  4. Objectivity and Biases. Balance of perception
  5. Attitude whether learner or judgmental
  6. Focus and attention
  7. Content and Source matter, Knowledge and information processing capability
  8. Ability to forge links in an interdisciplinary manner
  9. The simplicity of disposition
  10. Observational Skills

We'd suggest students maintain a copy of the following excel sheet and keep a track of their performance.  https://docs.google.com/spread...

6. Besides these, you will be given the following 

>CD Current Affairs Monthly Magazines.

>Any additional material that we release for essays.

What will be the program structure?

Total of 14 tests (28 essays)

The program starts on 27th October.

Paper will be made live every Saturday.

Before Prelims - 8 Tests (16 essays)

-The first round of 4 tests will have topics from previous year papers that have relevance even today. This will establish your baseline performance.

-It is very important that you understand the uniqueness of topics and expectation of the essays. No better way than to attempt previous year questions and get them reviewed.

-Our reviews will help you deepen your understanding of the Essay Paper.

The time-table is as follows


16 December - Economy + Polity

29 December - Women Issues + Education

19 January 2019 - Science & Tech + Philosophy

2 February 2019 - IR + Miscellaneous

16 February 2019 - Economy + Polity

2 March 2019 - Women Issues + Education

9 March 2019 - Science & Tech + Philosophy

17 March 2019 - IR + Miscellaneous


After Prelims - 6 Tests (12 essays)

-On topics with the highest probability of appearing in the exam