Advanced Static Lecture Prelims 2019

  •  April 10, 2019, midnight to May 31, 2019, midnight



Detailed Timetable can be obtained from here

Advanced Static Lecture Series

- If you are done with reading basic books and are looking at revising basic static subjects, This is program per se for you.

- Static Lectures focusing on strengthening your Core Subjects.

- Lecture on static subjects will *not* focus on explaining you the basics but instead focus on important details/trivia you tend to miss. From a prelims perspective, these important details become very important.

- We will cover all the basic and advanced books for explaining these issues.

- We will be covering Polity, History, Economics, and Geography. These are the subjects from which UPSC asks most of the questions.

Total lecture duration: 60 hours

- 1857 Revolt (covered in ppt format)