Smash Mains Program 2024-2025

Smash Mains Program 2024-2025

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Only program acknowledged by The Hindu with 80% success rate. Source

About Smash Mains 2025

It is a highly personalized and intensive handholding program for the dedicated and crème-de-la-crème amongst UPSC aspirants (the intake is 100 students only).

The Entry is Restricted to those who have appeared in UPSC interviews in the past 2 years or have missed the mains cut-off by a whisker.

What Makes Smash Mains Unique?

  • Invite/Register-Only: Ensuring that you’re not just a face in the crowd but a name and a mission for us.
  • Personalized Attention: Tailor-made guidance with one-to-one interactions with star Mentors Arvind Sir, Shubham Sir,  Swatantra Sir who have produced multiple rankers.
  • Focused Strategy: No more generic study plans. Get a blueprint crafted just for you.
  • In-Depth Analysis: Analyzing your Mains scorecards and test copies to fill in those critical gaps in your preparation.
    Multi-level guidance: Arvind sir, Shubham Sir, Swatantra Sir, IAS-IPS rankers will ensure your answer writing is top-notch.


Why is Smash 2024 the best way to prepare for mains?

  • Individual attention and approachability are the USPs of this program.
AIR 48, 49 attributes their success to CD Mentorship
AIR 48, 49 attributes their success to CD Mentorship


  • Not putting Penguins among the Fowls – You already know how to write an average answer (you’re missing it by a few marks actually). You want to know how to increase your score from 90 to 110-115. The approach followed by other institutes in their Test series is the same for a veteran and beginners and here lies the problem. Without a personalized post-test review, rectifying these minute yet very important shortcomings will be difficult.
  • Evaluation is the strength of this program. Unlike other institutes where evaluation is outsourced to those who themselves have not appeared for mains (It’s bizarre). It shouldn’t be based on ‘model answers’ as there are 3-4 ways of approaching an answer. Only a seasoned player will be able to go beyond these model answers and appreciate your approach (If it’s innovative) even if it differs from the model answers provided.
  • Test copies get checked in a time-bound manner. The questions, answers, and material provided are of the highest quality.
  • Always on time and insightful discussions end with a reality check and motivation to perform better in the next test.
    Emphasis on execution and utilization of knowledge – Mains is not only about knowledge but the way you express the relevant knowledge in the most optimum manner. 
  • Our interventions are highly specific and not generalized. Sitting right in front of you he walks you through every question. Always there, he will not let you lose your focus.
  • We deliver what we promise.

Progression of the program

After completing the Mains Test series, you will have a one-to-one detailed, and in-depth interaction. Final refinements are done to every answer. Value addition material, as well as pointers, will be provided here. We will work with you to ensure you have enough material for value addition. Our focus will be on providing tips that add the missing X factor to your answers.

Program Inclusion:

  • Personalized Mentorship by our Mains team
  • Civilsdaily’s Smash Mains Test series
  • Samachar Manthan (Till Prelims) – For holistic and comprehensive coverage of Current Affairs.
  • Prime Prelims FLTs 2024 – To prepare you for prelims.
  • Cohort-based learning: Exclusive membership to Telegram group where you can interact and get your doubts resolved with Rankers and Faculty.

Course Curriculum