Prelims 2025 with 1-1 Mentorship

Prelims 2025 with 1-1 Mentorship

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UPSC Prelims has evolved with changing times, with questions becoming more dynamic and testing not just knowledge but also Common Sense, Stress Response, and Risk Appetite. To crack the exam, it’s crucial to prepare according to the latest exam pattern and trends.

The main idea of a Test Series is to find and highlight Gaps in course completion regularly.

Prime Prelims TS is the Solution:

Our Prime Prelims Test Series 2024 is designed to meet the demands of UPSC and ensure your success. It covers the entire syllabus, including both dynamic and static portions, providing a solid revision and evaluation of your studies. With a strategically designed timetable and need-based mentorship, this test series will boost your preparation to the next level. Moreover, this test series will help make a solid PYQ-based foundation and smart ways of attempting Prelims paper.

Who this Test Series is for?

  • Those who want to find critical gaps in their preparation
  • Students seeking a comprehensive and UPSC-relevant test series
  • Those aiming for a focused approach to cover the entire syllabus
  • Those who found UPSC Prelims 2023 challenging and unpredictable.

How it will Benefit You?

  • Accurate simulation of the UPSC Prelims exam questions and environment
  • These tests will contain replica UPSC PYQs
  • Detailed explanations and answer evaluations for performance improvement
  • Enhanced time management skills for the actual exam
  • A better understanding of dynamic current affairs and their relevance in UPSC



Program Inclusions

  • Prime TS(62 Tests) = 16(PT)+12(Core Tests)+12(CA)+6Advanced+6(CSAT)+10FLT        
  • Detailed explanations for every question, feedback, All India Ranking and performance analysis
  • Atomic Notes
  • Flash Notes 
  • Economic Survey & Budget Videos and Notes

Course Curriculum