Foundation 2025 with Super Mentorship: Pre Cum Mains

Foundation 2025 with Super Mentorship: Pre Cum Mains

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The foundation and Ultimate Assessment Program for UPSC 2025 with 3 Layered Super Mentorship Program is built with keeping all the NECESSITIES in mind.


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Aiming for UPSC IAS 2025? Why wait? Seize the Day 0 advantage now! Our early start Foundation/UAP is uniquely designed to give you a jumpstart, guided by a top 50 ranked IAS/IPS mentor. From planning to execution, we’ve got your journey to success meticulously curated. Don’t just prepare—prepare to succeed. Take the Day 0 advantage and turn your IAS dream into reality.


In 2021-23, we connected with over 15,000+ IAS aspirants via our Samanvaya (1 on 1 mentoring) outreach program.

With an average call time of ~40 minutes, we spent ~3.84 lakh minutes (~6,400 hours) understanding you and your preparation strategies.

We’re excited to embark on the journey of eliminating all doubts & difficulties in UPSC/IAS preparation for 2025. With an unwavering commitment to serving aspirants, Civilsdaily offers a one-stop program that equips students with the necessary tools and guidance to clear UPSC in the very 1st attempt.


IAS officers as your UPSC Mentors

Through personalized mentorship, curated study materials, daily current affairs updates, interactive doubt-solving LIVE sessions, and regular evaluation, Civilsdaily strives to create a UPSC ecosystem that fosters growth and ensures success.

With a deep understanding of the challenges most of the aspirants face, our rankers, mentors’ and faculties’ enthusiasm to alleviate doubts and obstacles is constant, making it an invaluable companion on the path to achieving your dreams.


3 Layers of Mentorship

We have supercharged our mentorship program for you. In the 3 layers of mentorship we will have:


IAS Batch Mentors: Top Rankers

UPSC AIR 48, Aaditya Pandey; AIR 50 Abhijit; AIR 22. Pavandatta all three IAS toppers will be taking in a batch of 50 aspirants under them respectively and will handhold them to a top 50 rank in UPSC 2024-2025.

These Batch Mentors will guide and oversee your study plans, targets, progress, and shortcomings, and will devise a plan to take you forward.

You will be talking 1-1 with these rankers and learning UPSC-relevant skills like answer writing, note-making, articulation of thoughts, doing current affairs, covering UPSC syllabus, etc.

Civilsdaily’s IAS Faculty

The core academic team including Pravin sir, Arvind sir ma’am, Zeeshan sir, Parth sir, Jatin sir, Venus ma’am through various programs like Samachar Manthan current affairs, Essay program, Dominate Prelims program, Ethics program, etc will be mentoring you and connecting with you at every stage of your UPSC preparation.

Dedicated Mentors

This is where the magic happens. Dedicated mentors have produced rankers like Aaditya Pandey, AIR 48, AIR 22 Pavandatta, AIR 16 Shishir, AIR 50 Abhijit, and many more UPSC Toppers will provide handholding support and holistic UPSC preparation management.


This Program Is For You If

  • You want a timetable that adapts according to your learning curve.
  • You think news & static concepts should be tied together for better retention.
  • You are perfectly fine with self-study modules but need motivation boosters to keep you up on the right track.
  • You want your preparation to be non-judgemental.
  • You want a community of like-minded, sincere aspirants so that you can feed off each other’s energy.
  • You love active learning.
  • You love active doubt resolutions.
  • You are patient with your progress as long as it is assured.


Why & How Civilsdaily’s Foundation program stands apart?

  • LECTURE CONTENT PREPARED based on PYQ (Highly effective). Only those areas will be focussed where UPSC can ask questions.
  • Lectures are covered in a storytelling format (No boring factual stuff in lectures). The focus will be on concept building.
  • Value addition points will be discussed in the lecture to enhance UPSC Mains answer writing.
  • Lectures will clearly segregate the Prelims and Mains portion.
  • Domain experts: Geography Ph.D. for Geography, Historian for History, Economist for Economics
  • Special Lectures by Rankers
  • Linkage with current affairs
  • Note-making through lectures






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Mode of Payment


Rs 1,53,400 including GST (For Offline)

Rs 1,18,000 including GST (For Online)



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