MasterClass 2020

  •  Aug. 20, 2019, midnight to Dec. 31, 2020, midnight




Masterclass debuts for the IAS aspirants of 2020 and moves beyond the traditional digital learning as you know.


We sincerely believe that if students focus on concepts, understand the history behind how certain clauses came into being, they will get the essence of the subject. Understanding the underlying logic behind certain key issues will bring down the effort required in rote learning.


How Masterclass is different :

  • Masterclass covers 100 percent static syllabus from basic to advanced.

  • Focus on developing an interest in the subject.

  • Better language & explainers to ensure conceptual clarity

  • Comparative analysis with quick reference tables

  • Flowcharts, Listicles & Mind maps for easy recall

  • Note4Students in every chapter to establish relevance

  • Previous Year Questions to ensure you understand the level of depth required to crack the UPSC Mains.