Mains TS - Super 100 Batch

  •  June 17, 2018, midnight to Sept. 30, 2018, midnight
  •   2 exams
  •  5 documents


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After a successful launch of Prelims TS, Samachar Manthan, and SIP Crash Course, we are excited to launch our Mains Test Series.

We have innovated at every step to ensure your success.

1. Mentorship

Numbers often dilute quality. We believe that success depends critically on the balance between brilliant mentorship and optimum student strength. Thus we will be restricting our intake to  100 students. We will be providing individual attention to these students so they have the best shot at clearing the exam.

2. Question Formulation 

Rather than the regular uninspiring questions, we have gone the extra mile and crafted unique, intellectually-stimulating questions. These will reward analytical ability and problem-solving skills.

We will make the 1st question paper public so you can assess our claims for yourself.

3. Answer Checking 

Answer-copy evaluation in the industry has become stagnant. The focus is restricted to superficial, memory-based lapses rather than on analytical excellence and cross-domain inter-linkages

Our stress will be on the following -

1. Superior introduction and conclusion.

2. Usage of subject-specific vocabulary.

3. Articulation proficiency.

4. Substantiating evidence like Government and International Reports and Indices.

5. Prominent and contemporary examples.

Overall, the program is the perfect tool that will equip you with everything that is needed to crack the exam. 

What are we offering?

1. 12 Full-length tests graded in 3 rounds of GS1, GS2, GS3 & GS4. The difficulty level will increase with each round. We are skipping the sectional tests owing to the paucity of time and limited relevance.

2. Detailed Sample Answers with "Mentor's Comment" by Rank holders to help you gauge better the needs of the question.

3. The supplementary content provided will be helpful in covering multiple related questions.

4. Telegram Groups with Rank holders and Core faculty members.

5. Thorough answer checking with oversight of rankers like Dr. Vipin Garg(AIR 20), Swapnil Pawar (AIR 525).

6. Mentor Call after every 2nd test to discuss in detail your strengths and weaknesses.  You can schedule an in-person meeting with mentors at our office in Karol Bagh.

7. Detailed video discussion of each test.

8. Magazines, listicles and other relevant study material.

Prime TS folks will get a 30% discount as promised.


All the exams of Mains TS - Super 100 Batch

Mains TS- Test 1

  • Starts - Jun 24, 2018
    Ends - Oct 1, 2018
  •   1 questions
  •   3:00:00

Mains TS- Test 2

  • Starts - Jul 1, 2018
    Ends - Sep 30, 2018
  •   1 questions
  •   3:00:00

All the documents of Mains TS - Super 100 Batch

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