Conquer UPPCS Prelims 2021- 10 Days Program

  •  Sept. 1, 2021, midnight to May 31, 2022, midnight

₹ 2950.00


Download PDF for better visibility – UPPCS Decimate 30 Days Program

Civilsdaily is bringing a 30 days revision and guidance program for conquering UPPCS Prelims 2021. With the increased focus that UPPCS has been getting in the last couple of years, it’s imperative that aspirants get expert guidance in the trickiest part of the whole process and this program focuses on that aspect.

Importance of Prelims in UPPCS:

  • A lot has changed since UPPSC brought in changes in its examination pattern for Uttar Pradesh Combined State/Upper Subordinate Exam or popularly known as the UPPCS examination.
  • The syllabus has changed, the pattern for Mains examination as well as interview weightage has changed. Because of the above-mentioned changes, a lot many aspirants of UPSC Civil Services, as well as various State PSC’s Examinations, are also vying for UPPCS examinations these days.
  • But what has remained constant is the UPPCS Preliminary Examination. So far it is still a concoction of old age UPPCS Prelims with a hint of tadka of few changes!!!

How to easily crack UPPCS Prelims in 30 days?

  • Civilsdaily is bringing in a 30 days program for all those serious aspirants who have a solid background in UPSC Prelims but are still finding their feet in the UPPCS prelims examinations.
    The program will be headed by Parth Sir and Shweta Mam (Rank 22 in UPPCS 2019) and it will focus on those important elements which are a must for clearing UPPCS Prelims Examination.
  • Parth Sir has given 4 UPPCS Mains and 2 Interviews and has scored one of the highest marks in the UPPCS 2018 Interviews. He achieved all this by altering his UPSC Preparation a bit and since then, he has been guiding students in UPPCS Preparations with great success.
  • Shweta Mam has been a true warrior and apart from giving UPSC Interviews multiple times, she is ranked 22 in UPPCS 2019 Examination.

We need to prepare with a tweaked trajectory of what we were doing for UPSC Prelims and we are good to go. What are those trajectories? 

  • Focus on factual elements in Current Affairs (we focus on Analytical elements in UPSC Prelims);
  • Keep a tab on Miscellaneous Section (we totally skip it in UPSC Prelims) and;
  • Prepare Static Subjects keeping the demand of the last 5 years of UPPCS Prelims (Sources for UPSC Prelims remains the same but their reading becomes different for UPPCS Prelims) in mind;
  • And give many mock tests for your STAR Preparation (Well this element remains the same for all examinations!!!)

What will the program entail in the next 30 days?

  • Parth Sir and Shweta Mam will take care of all these elements in these 30 days. 
  • We will provide you with 15 months of Current Affairs (May 2020- August 2021) which are prepared keeping UPPCS Prelims 2021 in mind. Parth Sir and Shweta Mam have curated this content.
  • There will be 10 Mock Tests with quality as good as UPPCS Prelims Question Paper. 
  • It will help you in aligning your preparation with the real UPPCS Prelims Examination. 
  • We will provide you with certain static subject notes that are curated for last-minute revision for the UPPCS Prelims examination.
  • There will be doubt resolution as well as discussions with Parth sir and Shweta mam for micro preparation strategies on static subjects as well most important themes for the upcoming UPPCS Prelims 2021 and a Google Meet session after every test for macro preparation strategy.

The program starts on the 2nd of September and will go on till the 6th of October. The timeline of the tests schedule is given below. To join the program and more details, click on the link below. 

Download PDF for better visibility – UPPCS Decimate 30 Days Program