CD Prime TS 2019

  •  June 10, 2018, midnight to June 1, 2019, midnight


  • Early Bird Offer : Rs 6372.00 From May 7, 2018 to June 15, 2018
  • MRP : Rs 7080.00 From June 16, 2018 to June 1, 2019


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It goes without saying that Civilsdaily's Flagship Test Series Program has created a name for itself. If is preferred among students giving the exam for rank improvement. This year, we are upgrading it to CD Prime Test Series

One of our top priorities has been to bring it closer to the actual exam and ensure that the standard of questions is continuously raised. 

After having detailed discussions with our students and intense brainstorming with toppers, teachers and mentors, we are happy to announce the following upgrades. 

1. Sub-subject tagging: Sub-subjects are recurring themes within subjects from which questions have been asked in prelims year after year. Hence, they ought to be given a higher priority while studying. 

Eg. Let's say a History question is tagged with 'Pre Congress Associations'. This should tell you that pre-congress association is a very important theme and you should be thorough with it. You are expected to visit our 'How to study' section and check out questions from previous year papers on this theme. 
This tagging will ensure that our questions are relevant and aligned to the demands of the exams.

2. Introducing Question Types: 
We will try to adhere to the following Question Types to maintain consistency across

Type 1 - Interactive questions 

These questions will ask you to go through a concept/related concepts and reply back with comments. This will help you re-visit the entire concept rather than simply 
Eg., consider the following question - 
The conversion of Ammonia (NH3) to nitrite (NO2-) and then to nitrates (NO3-)  is called

a) Nitrification
b) Ammonification
c) Assimilation
d) Denitrification
Answer A

In this process, the ammonia is converted into nitrate by the presence of bacteria in the soil. Ammonia is oxidized to form nitrites by bacteria such as Nitrosomonas species. Nitrates are converted into nitrates by Nitrobacter. This conversion is very important as ammonia gas is toxic for plants.
Make a note of all the processes involved in the Nitrogen Cycle - nitrogen fixation, assimilation, ammonification, nitrification, and denitrification process. 
Leave their definitions/organisms involved in the comments. 

Type 2 - Star-Marked Questions 

These are advanced questions not from standard sources but relevant for the exam. Though few in number, they will be aligned with the exam pattern and you will get to learn relevant things without going through additional bulky material. 

Eg. Questions on books by freedom-fighters, News not covered by ThehIndu, IE, PIB but of very high importance in world affairs. 

Type 3 - Tikdams 

Everyone is aware of CD's innovation of Tikdams. Tikdams have proven to be the most effective tool for elimination as well as guessing right answers under stressful exam conditions and confusing question statements

3. Conceptual, factual, static, current affairs tagging

The conceptual questions need to be given special attention. There should be no excuse to not get them right. 

4. Why this question/Inspired by for questions (specially current affairs questions) wherever applicable.  

5. We will not be asking questions that are too detailed with no probability of appearing in the exams. 

Eg. No questions involving exact figures will be asked.

Module ComponentsQuantity    Description
L1 - Static8- Dedicated Testing On Fundamental Theory Subjects - Unlimited Test Attempts  - In-Depth Explainers For Comprehensive Coverage At L1 Level
1on1 - Mentor CallN/A- Our Analytics Platform Tracks Your Progress, Potential Pitfalls And Summarises The Results To The Test Setters  - We Prepare A Personalised Questionnare Based On Your Scores, Attempts, Hits & Misses (Across The Subjects) And Set Up A 30 Minute Interaction Time With You  - Aim: To Help Improve Your Testing Outcomes By ~20% And Prepare You For The L2 Testing - Unlimited email support thereafter
L2 - Static6- Advanced Testing With UPSC Level Question Mix  - Composite AIRs (Among New & Senior IAS Aspirants)  - Explainers Loaded With Tikdams (Smart Hacks) & Additional Reading Links
L2 - Monthly CA10- Dedicated Monthly Current Affairs Tests @UPSC Level  - Scope = CD Newscards & PIB Newsfeeds  - Composite AIRs (Among New & Senior IAS Aspirants)  - Explainers Loaded With Tikdams (Smart Hacks) & Additional Reading Links
L3 - FLTs8- 8 FLTs With UPSC++ Level Testing (L3)  - Tests Will Have Dedicated Focus On Current Affairs Specific Listicles On Polity, IR, Economics Etc.  - Detailed Description Of Each FLTs Will Be Provided Later
Monthly CA Magazines 36- Monthly Compilations (PDFs) of Newscards, Op-ed Snaps, & Prelims Daily Compilations
CD Prime Membership N/A - Advanced Reading Material (PDFs) around Static & Dynamic concepts
- Priority Access Rights to Exclusive Mentoring Sessions (Eg: Webinars, Mini Tests & Evaluation by Coaching gurus from time to time)  - More as we grow CD further
DiscountsN/AOn our other paid programs (Mains, Interview and other Video courses)