CD Answer Writing Enhancement (AWE) Program [Monthly Subscription]

  •  Oct. 30, 2018, midnight to June 16, 2019, midnight


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The only daily answer writing program that you’ll ever need. Under the aegis of UPSC Veteran Pritam Sir who has faced 3 UPSC interviews. Scored exceptionally well in all Essay and GS papers during his attempts.

Daily Answer Writing for Mains has always been a point of contention at Civilsdaily. Essentially, it suffered from the following issues that made it a bad deal for the students.

  1. Forming questions from today’s news – Questions asked in UPSC are generally on an overarching theme. Very rarely will you find a question whose basis was just one single op-ed or news item.
  2. Repetition of questions – As an issue updates with time, the answers become obsolete. That is why it is more important to frame questions on issues when 3-4 articles have already been written on them.

Moreover, the issue that we see with other platforms is that they post similar questions every 2nd 3rd day. Follow the example at the end to understand what we are talking about

  1. Quality of both questions and answer checking – If we are making questions every day, they will not be intelligent. They will come directly from op-ed/news headings.
  2. The unreliability of peer reviews – Peer reviews cannot be relied upon and show a lot of variabilities. It is very important that you get a feedback from someone experienced when it comes to your style, content and presentation.

However, we have come to realise that many students do see a value in practising questions every day. It keeps the momentum going and incrementally builds a database of questions and answers that can be used for Mains.

So we have tried to create a program that is truly effective.

1. We have roped in a UPSC Veteran.

2. We will ask 4 questions every day covering GS 1,2,3,4. Questions will cover both contemporary and static part. 1 question will be from ethics.

3. Questions will not be so specific that one is only able to answer from a given oped. Instead

4. Approach and Model answer to be published the next day. Free access to all.

5. There will be a guaranteed detailed review of the answers written by the paid subscribers. Review of free subscribers will depend on the time available with mentors. First priority will be given to paid subscribers.

6. Dedicated telegram groups for doubts and monthly call post writing few answers for paid subscribers.

-Free Monthly PDF of Compiled model answers and answer synopsis.

-Daily Virtual trophy from CD will be given to the student who has written the best answer in any question. If a student wins more than 30 trophies he will get special discounts in other flagship courses of CD and also more personalized attention from CD mentors.

As you can see the focus on the programme will not be on the quantity but the quality of questions and model answers.

Program Details

Duration of the Program: 10 months

30 October-30th April (Phase 1)

5th June-30th September (Phase 2