60 Days Intensive Plan For Focused Revision 2021

  •  Aug. 1, 2021, midnight to May 31, 2022, midnight

₹ 4720.00


Are you ready for Prelims-2021 in the next 60 days? Are you stuck in the 90s in prelims in your previous attempts? Do you want to score above 130+ in prelim-2021? Santosh Gupta sir is here for you.


This is almost a fact. The next 60 days can make or break or career. You may score 90+ and still NOT qualify or you can get 120-130+ and start preparing for Mains.


So, the ONLY question is – Are you ready for that extra edge that can help you score well above the cut-off?


10 Salient features of 60 days plan

  • 30 Tests for Prelims-2021 (8 Basic + 8 Full-Length Test (FLTs) + 10 Current Affairs + 4 CSAT tests)
  • Evidence-based question making with 360-degree testing
  • One strategy call in the beginning by Santosh Gupta sir and rest through habitat group
  • Current affairs Magazine 2021 by CivilsDaily of one year
  • Economic Survey and Budget Videos for Prelims-2021
  • Video on Score boosting TIKADAMS for prelims-2021
  • Static content (PDF & Videos) on GS for prelims-2021
  • Decimate Prelims Content for Prelims-2021
  • Learn to interlink Static and Current affairs
  • Learn to maintain consistency and boost confidence


About Santosh Gupta sir

Santosh Gupta sir has scored above 140 twice in UPSC prelims and always 120 plus in all 6 attempts. He wrote all 6 mains and appeared for Interviews 3 times. He has qualified UPSC EPFO and BPSC 56-59th also.

He has been teaching and mentoring UPSC aspirants for the last 5 years with tremendous interest in Environment and Ecology and Polity.