30 Days UPSC Prelims 2021 Revision Program With Parth Sir

  •  Sept. 1, 2021, midnight to May 31, 2022, midnight

₹ 2950.00


We have reached that time of our preparation which is called the POINT OF NO RETURN and if you are jittery or feeling nervous and having second doubts then hold your thought! It’s pretty normal with all aspirants, veterans and freshers alike and you are not alone. The feeling is natural and Civilsdaily is here to help you MAKING it rather than breaking it!!

Get ready to score 130+ marks in the UPSC Prelims 2021 with Civilsdaily’s 30 Days Intensive Prelims Revision and Guidance Program and overcome this feeling of jitteriness.


Salient Features of 30 Days Plan:

  • 20 Tests for Prelims-2021 (8 Full-Length Test (FLTs) + 12 Current Affairs)
  • Evidence-based question making with 360-degree testing
  • One strategy calls in the beginning by Parth Verma sir and the rest through habitat group.
  • Google meet session every alternative day
  • Current affairs Magazine 2021 by CivilsDaily of one year
  • Economic Survey and Budget Videos for Prelims-2021
  • Video on Score boosting TIKADAMS for prelims-2021
  • Static content (PDF & Videos) on GS for prelims-2021
  • Decimate Prelims Content for Prelims-2021
  • Learn to interlink Static and Current affairs
  • Learn to maintain a calm mindset and positive outlook with Parth Sir.
  • Learn to organize your revision in a professional manner in these last 30 days with Parth Sir’s guidance.

Parth sir will guide you throughout these 30 days with his experience of clearing all 6 Prelims and scoring 130+ marks in each of them. This will help you in boosting your morale in the last few days and achieving success with high scores in Prelims.