Flagship [Prelims] 2018: v2

  •  Sept. 15, 2017, midnight to June 1, 2018, midnight
  •   2 exams
  •  7 documents


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This test series starts September 2017. Users can attempt the tests anytime after they go LIVE. 

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Module ComponentsQuantity    Description
L1 - Static (Basic)8- Dedicated Testing On Fundamental Theory Subjects - Unlimited Test Attempts  - In-Depth Explainers For Comprehensive Coverage At L1 Level
1on1 - Mentor CallN/A- Our Analytics Platform Tracks Your Progress, Potential Pitfalls And Summarises The Results To The Test Setters  - We Prepare A Personalised Questionnare Based On Your Scores, Attempts, Hits & Misses (Across The Subjects) And Set Up A 30 Minute Interaction Time With You

To Help Improve Your Testing Outcomes By ~20% And Prepare You For The L2 Testing - Unlimited email support thereafter
L2 - Static (Advanced)6- Advanced Testing With UPSC Level Question Mix  - Composite AIRs (Among New & Senior IAS Aspirants)  - Explainers Loaded With Tikdams (Smart Hacks) & Additional Reading Links
L2 - Monthly CA10- Dedicated Monthly Current Affairs Tests @UPSC Level  - Scope = CD Newscards & PIB Newsfeeds  - Composite AIRs (Among New & Senior IAS Aspirants)  - Explainers Loaded With Tikdams (Smart Hacks) & Additional Reading Links
L3 - FLTs8- 8 Full Length Tests With UPSC++ Level Testing (L3)  - Tests Will Have Dedicated Focus On Current Affairs Specific Listicles On Polity, IR, Economics Etc.  - Detailed Description Of Each FLTs Will Be Provided Later
L3 - FLTs Video Explainers8- Video Explainers On The 8 FLTs  - A 360 Degree Coverage Of Additional Aspects Of Themes In Question
Monthly CA Magazines12- Monthly Compilations (PDFs) of Newscards, Op-ed Snaps, PIB News  - Prelims Daily Compilations
CD Prime MembershipN/A- Advanced Reading Material (PDFs) around Static & Dynamic concepts - Priority Access Rights to Mains Level Programms (Eg: APSIP courses, Fortnight Answer Checking etc.)  - Priority Access Rights to Exclusive Mentoring Sessions (Eg: Webinars, Mini Tests & Evaluation by Coaching gurus from time to time)  - Special Discounts on various modules- More as we grow CD further

All the exams of Flagship [Prelims] 2018: v2

TS02 History test L1

  • Starts - Jul 16, 2017
    Ends - Oct 15, 2017
  •   100 questions
  •   11:00:00

TS01 Polity Test L1

  • Starts - Sep 15, 2017
    Ends - Dec 21, 2017
  •   100 questions
  •   11:00:06

All the documents of Flagship [Prelims] 2018: v2

100 important issues for Mains 2017

Prelims 2017 Analysis + Directions for 2018- Workbook (With inputs from Dr. Vipin Garg, IAS)

Prelims Daily- August 2017

CivilsDigest_August 2017

Prelims Daily- July 2017

Economic Survey 2016-17- Civilsdaily

CA + PD Combo June 2017

The PIB Newscards are in an excel format and have not been converted to PDFs. TM has been paused for a while before we upgrade the program.